Play is training for the unexpected.
~Mark Bekoff

Helping girls and their moms connect to themselves through movement, nutrition, & mindset to feel good in their bodies and return to play.

My mission is to support t(w)een girls on their journeys to feel good in their bodies, gain confidence to be seen and heard, and live a play-based life.

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Movement & Massage Therapy


Injury Recovery & Pain Relief

Returning to Play

We are inundated with messages about body image, diets, and exercise from an early age, and these messages begin to take hold in our teens and affect our future health habits.

Girls struggle with physical mental, and social wellness now more than ever. This isn't surprising after being told what to do, how to react, what activities and behaviors are acceptable, what to eat, how to look, who to hang out with, and who to be - influenced by social media and those around them.

Our BECOME curriculum is the gateway to engaging in play, feeling good in their bodies, and stepping into their authentic selves.

The BECOME curriculum is founded in the Pillars of Play, and supports the ability to explore what makes us feel good, both physically and emotionally.

Learning to BECOME your true self means to...

  • Be seen and heard 
  • Explore your passions 
  • Change habits to fit personal goals 
  • Overcome perfectionism 
  • Movement & Mindset for grounding 
  • Engage in play & cultivate joy!

The BECOME curriculum teaches girls to...

  • Use Food as Nourishment, not deprivation 
  • Address Weight Loss without restriction and dieting 
  • Explore Exercise & Movement from a Play-Based lens 
  • Understand Hormone Support and Balance using a holistic approach 
  • Adopt tools for Socio-Emotional & Mental Wellness 
  • Use Nutrition, Movement, & Mindset to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression 
  • Address Chronic Pain & Mental Wellness by optimizing the Gut-Brain Connection 
  • Explore their Authentic Life Vision & Path 
  • Develop Resiliency & Problem-Solving Skills Using their Period as a Superpower for Performance Maintain a Connection to 
  • Nature for whole-body wellness


Our groups, workshops, retreats, and 1:1 coaching helps girls to find the support and tools they need to step into that vision they have of themselves and their future.

The Playground community connects girls with peers sharing similar interests and goals, and adults who can mentor them as they move into adulthood - addressing the questions and concerns that arise in ways that respect their values.

The goal of Align + Nourish has always been to allow our girls to shine their unique lives and feel comfortable doing so. This happens by connecting to themselves, to nature, and to others who prefer to walk to their own beat and lift up others walking to theirs. While we may be walking separate paths, they are often parallel with each other and we can carry each other along the way... Let's continue to play together!

I love working with both girls and their moms, because both are experiencing similar struggles, but in different seasons of their lives.

When adolescent girls learn to connect to their bodies, they are better able to hold onto nourishing wellness habits as they move through adulthood, be grounded in their true identity, and be successful in their pursuits due to increased self-confidence.

When adult women learn to reconnect to their bodies, they experience relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, reinvent themselves to live more authentically, and heal from past trauma to step onto a more fulfilling path for the second half of their lives.

In both cases, connecting with your body integrative wellness practices releases us from a life of questioning our decisions, silences our inner critics, and helps us to become that vision of ourselves we want to be. Strong, confident, healthy, and full of joy.