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Grand Opening 11/23/19. Kids are welcome to join the fun!


Healthy Feet Healthy Mom

How and why do our feet relate to our knees, hips, pelvis + more? Find out in this 2 hour workshop. We will discuss alignment, whole body health + what shoes have to do with changing our bodies. We will move well with exercises and self-care routines to keep our feet and bodies happy and healthy. Learn tips for you + your whole family!


this is for the women

  • who are struggling with diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, or pain.

  • who want to move better + feel better.

  • who are healing from birth, or surgery or injury.

  • who want a better birth outcome/experience.

  • who feel isolated or tired or both.

  • who want to break free from diet / wellness diet culture.

  • who are stressed out mothers / caregivers.

  • who are ready to slow down, be curious + be nourished.

  • who need COMMUNITY.

This is for you. The woman who doesn’t see her worth, her power, her strength, her resilience...yet.