Get Moving, Start Healing, Cultivate a Play-Based Life

Helping girls & women adopt  healthy & holistic wellness habits by exploring movement, mindset, nutrition and play.

My mission is teach t(w)een girls and their moms how to trust and love their bodies, integrate functional wellness habits, navigate physical and emotional pain, and live a play-based life.

If you’re like me, you’re fed up with diet culture and the messages of what health looks like that we are bombarded with daily, and you’d like to give your daughter a better foundation. You’d love to see her move through life knowing how to support her wellness instead of falling prey to paying for weight loss scheme and living with her self-confidence in the toilet.

You want her to know that she is amazing - regardless of what her body looks like. You want to her eat a nourishing, balanced diet - not being tethered to weighing and logging food to meet some arbitrary numbers. You want her to be able to share her voice and follow her own path - not feel that she needs to hide anything about herself. You want her to be able to move through life with curiosity, exploration, and play, and to see joy and self-confidence radiating from her.

However, you may found that her school Health classes just aren’t giving her great information. You see how she comes home from school hunched and dimmed - glued to her phone as she scrolls through pages of Influences videos. You’ve seen her withdraw from sports and other activities that she loved, and can’t find a reason why. And, you’re probably frustrated that there isn’t more to support her to become the amazing woman that you know is there.


Hi! I'm Beth

I help teens embrace a wellness mindset that allows for exploration and play in order to discover their voice, build socio-emotional skills, implement a healthy lifestyle & BECOME who they are meant to be.

My programs focus on functional wellness tools:

  • Food as Nourishment, not deprivation
  • Exercise & Movement from a Play-Based lens 
  • Socio-Emotional & Mental Wellness
  • Immersion in Nature to support Whole Body Wellness
  • Use Nutrition, Movement, & Mindset to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Address Chronic Pain & Mental Wellness by optimizing the Gut-Brain Connection using an Integrative Approach.
  • Exploring their Authentic Life Vision & Path
  • Resiliency & Problem-Solving Skills  
  • Using they Period as a Superpower for Performance

I have a special ability to connect with these unseen, square pegs because that was me. My coaching is rooted in my experience as a teen, a teacher, and a wellness coach. I walk with teens on their journey, and partner with parents, to ensure that they get the tools and support to continue their journey with self-confidence, self-identity, and to BECOME invincible.

Returning to Play

Our girls are inundated with messages about body image, diets, and exercise, and many of these sources are not the best for their future health habits.

They struggle with physical mental, and social wellness. Which isn't surprising after being told what to do, how to react, what activities and behaviors are acceptable, what to eat, how to look, who to hang out with and who to be.

Engaging in play is the gateway to our teens stepping into their authentic selves. My programs are founded in the Pillars of Play, and support teen girls ability to explore.

Play usually begins with movement, and that invitation to play is the catalyst for so much more. Movement leads to healing, physical and mental, which then allows for more play. More play builds confidence, reveals interests and purpose, and clears the path for our teens to remove the mask and finally be seen.