Stop letting the setbacks of injury and life derail you from your goals.

Find unique solutions to injury recovery, movement, and health that fit into the chaos of your life
and allow you to become that strong and active woman that' asking to shine.

Make Your Comeback

Start moving your whole body, uncover the habits holding you back, and integrate functional exercises into your training plan to prevent injury, overcome pain, restore a functional core, and get back on track.

Online Resources

From pregnancy to menopause, foot pain to a bulging disc, and every season in between. Find the resources and programs that easily fit into your day to help you continue training and keep pain and bay.

Wellness Coaching

We find pragmatic solutions that bring you success where others have failed. We combine both your injury recovery, training, and nutritional needs to design a plan specific to your training goals.

Balanced Training

Your sports-specific training is just one piece of your plan. We also need mobility, balance, and functional exercises to keep up training. Let me help you create a custom plan to help you reach your goals.

Need More Guidance?

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