Nice to meet you!

I’m Heidi, born + raised a Mid-Westerner, I am lucky to call Wisconsin home. We may not have the mountains or the oceans, but we have Great Lakes, gorgeous seasons + really good cheese. Oh, and the Green Bay Packers.

I am a Nutritious Movement Certified-Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) and have spent hundreds of hours moving and learning with Katy Bowman. Prior to the life-changing magic of restorative exercise, I also taught yoga. I have over 200 hours of yoga teacher training, including trauma sensitive yoga. I am a life long learner and have a keen interest in learning more about nervous system regulation and somatic work.

I have been an athlete / student of movement for most of my life. I have a self proclaimed “athlete brain” which sometimes I have to tell “rest is okay” and really respect my boundaries. Ultimately, it means choosing to move (or rest) in a way that is supportive + healthful for my body rather than to try to fix or perfect. From pregnancy, child birth + postpartum, healing from surgeries, or that nagging pain in my lower back, learning to take care of body + mind, learning how to be embodied, allowing myself to FEEL the feels is creating spaciousness for myself but also allows me to continue to GIVE from a place of fullness. True healing happens in the kind space, not the mean girl space.

My path has not been smooth, like most of you can relate to. I have had to heal past traumas (including birth trauma), autoimmune issues, anxiety + depression, disordered eating patterns. I am so grateful for those who have helped support + teach me. I have been lucky to work with movement educators + coaches who helped me move better, heal, to see I was never broken but actually really strong, and to make peace with food. I am more than fortunate to have the ability to have access to both Western + integrative, functional medicine. I extend big love and deep gratitude to my teachers + mentors + friends: including Katy Bowman, Galina Denzel, Jen Gleason-Blue, Lauren Ohayon, Beth Mount, Julie Pascoe, Christine Altman, and Bethany Drohmann. My list is ever growing of those who inspire me + who I continue learning from. To my past and present care providers, Dr. Alison Sampson, DO, Jill Tormoen, CNM-APNP, Jill Bohn-Wolfe, FNP-BC, IBCLC, Missy Cook, DC, Galina Denzel, SEP, + Ali Miller, RD. And, to my husband, Ben, my kiddos, BFF Leah, + Laura.

I want to acknowledge the fact that, though things have been hard, I am also in a place of privilege (thin, white, able bodied). I know that if my skin color was different, if I was not able bodied, I did not have access to financial resources, basic human necessities, I did not identify with my gender, or if I was fat, the story would be different. Because for so many, the path has been that much harder. The barriers and access to the care + healing that are needed are much more difficult, unattainable, even outright denied. It is overdue time for change. And that work begins with each of us in positions of privilege + abilities to speak up and out for those voices who are shut down. To learn our own implicit biases and commit to dismantle the over culture by taking action.

Align + Nourish might be a love letter to myself, but it is for my community. It is a space where you can be free to be seen and heard, to come as you are. A+N is about moving better, feeling better, stepping into your strength + finding your joy, so you can have the capacity to be full, so you can also give. All are welcome here.




My mission is to build a community that is vibrant, nourished + resilient through movement + mindfulness.