What is Restorative Exercise?

Restorative Exercise (RE) is a movement modality rooted in biomechanics + geometry, based on the works and teachings of Katy Bowman, M.S. of Nutritious Movement. RE begins with corrective exercises aimed at whole body alignment + progresses to increase natural (human) movement, creating a nourishing environment supportive of your health + wellbeing.

And what are you teaching?

I am a movement coach/specialist. I have a big vision and long term goals but for now, I teach movement; a collaboration of modalities that I’ve learned and trained in. Restorative exercise, sustainable yoga, muscle work + self massage techniques. I have a special interest in the nervous system and I’m excited to bring it all forward! I love working with mamas, first responders, and anyone who is ready to move better/feel better. I really want to build a community that is vibrant and nourished and also one that has the tools to help themselves when needed!