Teen Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Our daughters are jugging more than ever. They are being asked to perform highly both academically and in extracurricular pursuits. Parent, teachers, and peers are asking them to do all of the things, and often it's just too much. This pressure leads to increased anxiety and possible depression.

On top of that, many of our teen girls are struggling perfectionism and truly knowing who they are. They feel unseen and unheard, and forced to wear a mask in order to fit in.

To deal with these new pressures, our daughters are often looking to unhealthy coping mechanism - disordered eating, cutting or other self-harm, social withdrawing, and emotionally masking.

Align+Nourish works to build a relationship based on openness, authenticity, respect and trust to help your daughter learn how to use movement, mindset, and nutrition to navigate the pressures of being a teen girl today, build a foundation of knowledge based in wellness so that they build a balanced life aligned with their goals.

In our BECOME program, teens begin to understand who they are and explore the path to who they want to be. My coaching is grounded in self-awareness, reflection, mindset, autonomy, and growth.

Using the Pillars of Play, girls learn how to tap into their superpowers as women, how to eat properly in a way to nourish their bodies based on their goals, develop the confidence and tools to overcome perfectionism and feel seen, and how to find wellness plan that is sustainable, founded in play,  and can continue throughout college and adulthood. 

Let's Empower Your Teens to Live Her Best Life!

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Have a Teen Athlete?

Check out my Athletic Wellness Resources. It's basically like wellness coaching for athletes to help our girls learn how to use their cycles to boost performance and prevent injury, how to eat to fuel their training and recovery, and how to make sure their lifestyle choices support their athletic goals.